Story of Terry Toast

Growing up in Singapore, I have very fond memories of waking up to a delicious breakfast of eggs, kaya toast and coffee.

I remember when I was just a young boy. My parents were busy building their increasingly successful business, and so it was not often that we actually get to have breakfast together. But whenever they can, they will take me out to a nearby coffeeshop to have kaya toast for breakfast. The aromatic smell of the coffee, combined with the warm, crispy, salty and sweet kaya toast, is forever immortalized in my mind as a precious childhood memory.

When I got older, as a teenager, it continued to be a common habit for me to meet up with friends at local coffeeshops, to hang out over some fragrant kaya toast and coffee. The memory of having that exact combination before every early morning basketball game with my friends still brings a smile to my face.

When I left Singapore, unfortunately I also left my beloved kaya behind. I have tried buying the imported kind, but nothing really beats the taste and texture of fresh and traditionally made kaya.

So I started making my own kaya at home. It was not an easy process, and it took some experimentation, but eventually I developed a kaya recipe that I am proud of. I gave my kaya to some friends to try, and to my surprise, majority of them came back to ask for more.

Thus, Terry Toast was born. I founded this company to produce the best kaya in the world, and to bring some innovation to a traditional food that is dear to my heart. I hope you enjoy my products.

-Terence, founder of Terry Toast